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Antique tractor pull Sept 17,2016. Starts at 12:00 noon sharp. weigh in from 10:00 to start time. Must be a member to pull.  Classes are as follows:

Distance    4500, 5500, 6500  no cut tires

Percentage     3601-4500, 4501-5500, 5501-6500, 6501-7500, 7501-9000

 Percentage and distance classes both so check out our tractor pull schedule page for details and rules



Thanks to all attending our show and helping us celebrate our milestone of 25 years. Thanks to all of the Indiana Massey Harris Collectors members and there collections that added to our show. It is a pleasure to continue having great groups in attendance with us throughout the years. Also thanks to all tractor competitors (antique and farm tractors) at our pull strip. We appreciate your attendance and support in our pull schedule. Thanks to all the Heavy weight horse pullers for another great show. We have had a great group of gas engines and garden tractors showing at the show for years and we appreciate your being and returning to our show every year. Also thanks to our vendors for being with us for years. It is great to have the same returning folks every year.  25 th anniversary T shirts are still available so get your order in to get a collectable part of  our show. Check out several pictures from all events during the show and keep updated on our Face book page.







Click on LOCATION tab for map.  Admission to show is $3.00 daily or $5.00 weekend pass to the public. Kids 12 and under is free.  …more

New additions to show grounds 

Construction of our new registration building at the show grounds is nearly finished with the latest addition of concrete floor. It looks great. We have a work day recently and we got some finishing touches done.  Wow what a great addition to our show! This will be a great addition to the folks that work our check in for members and vendors during our summer annual show. Check out our photos page or our face book page for updated photos.  Generous donations from Max Fitzpatrick towards this project is very much appreciated. Also thanks to Shelby Materials for working with us on there donation and Milestone and all the crew for there donation of labor and finish work on the concrete floor. What a great group of local businesses to work with. We were also able to get concrete in the big gas engine building as well with all of these great folks support. Thanks also to Bob Willard for his great effort on arranging details on both concrete projects.


The Rural Smiths of Mid America, (blacksmith group) have been working on there building as well and it is progressing great. They can use some help on there project as well so jump in and help where you can.  This group has been a great addition to our annual show and will be a great partner for years to come.  In the coming weeks construction of this structure will help for a permanent place they can call home. 



JCAMA is a Club devoted to the restoration and preservation of the farm tools and equipment of years gone by. Our Fathers and Forefathers used these to till the soil, sow the seeds, and reap the harvest.

 JCAMA was started in the winter of January 1992. 35 Charter members started and formed the Club. That following September the first collection of Antique Machinery was brought together to have the first show.

 The Club has grown to a great group of folks from all age groups and they enjoy bringing back our Farming Heritage to life for others to enjoy. Many changes have come along in the last several decades for farming.

 One could only imagine what it was like to first farm with Horses or Oxen and then in later years be introduced to a new age, the gas engine, tractors and trucks.

 Many of our club members from the older generation have many story’s to tell about how farming has changed throughout the years and the hardships that have went along with them to bring the Farming to what we know today.

 JCAMA club members strive to bring back a little of that past every year at our show to educate the younger generation’s of today to hopefully appreciate what our Fathers and Forefathers have done for decades. Our goal is to give the older generations a chance to step back in time, and reminisce of the long ago forgotten past of our Farming Heritage.

 Visit with us at our annual show the third weekend in June and see what we have to offer for the community. Our show grounds is located in the great Johnson County Recreation Park just west of the intersection of Highway 31 and ST. RD. 252 near Edinburgh Indiana and Camp Atterbury Military base.


Contacts for the Annual Show :   June 17-19,2016

Dwayne Hansford  317-512-0493     General Info

Tony Shireman 317-710-4655     General Info

Fred Price   317-403-2510        Consignment Auction

Bob Naylor  812-876-2072      Camping at show

Jack Adams  317-410-4488      Membership

Johnson County Park Office    812-526-6809




Returning to our Annual Show

We are pleased to announce that for a fifth year in a row we will be having the  Mid Summer Heavy Weight Horse Pull. Time will be Saturday eve. June 18 at 7:00 pm at the pull strip. Check out our videos on the left from last years show and see these great performers in action. We are getting sponsorship money rounded up for this event so if interested in sponsoring some prize money contact a board member through this website to get your name added to the list of supporters. This is a great group of folks that are serious about there passion for another part of the farming heritage. Cory Crafton of Greensburgh Ind will be heading up this great event with his team as well as many other teams not only from Indiana but surrounding states. These great folks travel long distance with the biggest and strongest draft horse teams to capture the prestige title. Contact Cory Crafton at 812-569-7128 for details on the horses or pull. This will be an evening to put on your calenders and plan to attend.  ..more

 At our 2012 show:

A great attraction for the 2012 annual show was a 1900 year old California redwood log that was carved into a three room house. The log is 33 foot long and around 9 foot across. In the off season it resides in the state of Florida. It  has been displayed at several state and county fairs and has been a great attraction for years. This was an opportunity to see the massive size of the redwood log that only grows in the western United States.  This is said to possibly be the oldest wood liveable structure known since the time of Christ.  Click here for more allen-redwood

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2 hours ago

ANNOUNCING the "Gathering of the Green" for 2018. The 10th Gathering will be held on March 21,22, 23 & 24, 2018 at the RiverCenter, Davenport, Iowa. SAVE THE DATES.

The theme, "Legend, Made Legacy" will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Deere & Company's decision to enter the tractor production business with the Waterloo Boy. This will be a matchless conference you will long remember. Interesting technical & historical workshops, a host of vendors to meet the need of all John Deere enthusiasts, great speakers, appealing trips and tours, a delicious banquet with keynote speaker and amazing displays mirroring the 2018 theme.

Regularly check and this FACEBOOK page for the latest updates. E-mail with questions.

Radisson Quad City Plaza, Davenport: 563-322-2200
Hotel Blackhawk, Davenport: 888-525-4455
Quality Inn, Davenport: 563-386-8336
Rhythm City Casino Resort: 563-328-8000
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2 weeks ago

Sorry , but the tractor pull scheduled for today has been cancelled due to the rain . Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago



1.1. Classes pull on percentage. Tractors pull in first gear at factory high idle RPM. No over-riding the governor. Throttle must be fully open in the first 75 ft. and engine cannot run faster than this during the rest of the pull. No governor surge after 75 ft. but throttle can be moved.
2.2. Ag tractors only. Must have stock blocks, heads, manifolds, carburetors, and fuel injector pump. Tractors to have original front end, frame and drive train .
3.3. Tractors to have factory stock wheels and hubs, front and rear. No cut or sharpened cleats, or radial tires. Rims must be standard diameter for tractor and not exceed standard width for tire. No light-weight pressed steel or aluminum wheels.
4.4. Classes, : 0 to 3600, 3601 to 4500, 4501 to 5500, 5501 to 6500, 6501 to 7500, 7501 to 9000.

If time and weather permitting of judges decision will have a double tree at shows only.

Classes, 0 to 9000, 9001 to 11000, 11001 to 13000.
5.5. Pull from twisted clevis or drawbar with a 3" hole and not more than 1" of steel at pull point. Drawbar must be rigid at least 18" rear of center of rear and have a max. 20" height. The rear 5" of hitch must be nearly horizontal and attached securely to original pull points. The drawbar and support is to be fastened at original location and be like original design. Drawbar to be as strong as original. If not in compliance, you don‘t pull.
6.6. Weighting: unstyled tractors can have visible weights. Styled to 1959: suitcase or factory weights fastened securely on front end of tractor, of which no part can extend over 11 feet from center of rear axle to front of weight. The only other weights allowed will be a maximum of 5 factory style rear wheel weights bolted to each rear wheel. No weight bracket allowed anywhere else other than front end.
7.7. Contestant must be a member of organization hosting tractor pull. Must also have a drivers license and be at least 18 years of age, under the age of 18 contestant must have the written consent of parent or guardian to compete. No body under the age of 16 will be allowed to pull. Driver must stay seated and drive tractor in a safe manner and be able to reach the clutch at all times. Seat must be stock or a manufactured seat placed with a stock mounting. (No homemade seats.)
8.8. One restart will be allowed if tractor stops in first 75 feet. In case of mechanical failure, tractor may pull at end of class. Pull must start from tight chain.
9.9. If tractor tires or sled goes out of bounds, or if the front wheels of tractor get above 18" off ground, you will be flagged and measured at this point. If any object falls off tractor during competition you will be disqualified anywhere on the track.
10.10. First puller in each class has no option to repull. All tractors weight in right after their pull. Do not stop after pull; go straight to the scales and reweigh.
11.11. Tractor with torque can only use high if gear speed is under 3 1/2 mph speed limit and torque cannot be shifted after sled is started. Tractors with creeper gear may use 2nd.
12.12. Sled has an electronic monitor to measure distance and monitor speed. The sled has a horn that will sound if sled goes faster than 3 1/2 If tractor exceeds 3 1/2 mph, horn will sound and tractor will be disqualified anywhere on the track.
13.13. Any protest is to be made during a class by someone in that class, to an official before tractor leaves track. If you protest someone tractor your will be check also.
14.14. Use of alcoholic beverages, controlled substances or unsportsmanlike conduct is cause for disqualification.
15.15. When tractors are pulling or in motion on the track nobody is allowed on the track except the officials & track workers.
16.16. All tractor must be weight in before pull starts, if not able to do so you must notify a official of any problems.
17.17. Anyone complaining , harassing, using foul language with the registration table, scale, or other workers will be asked to leave. If they are already pre-registered then it’s a donation. NO REFUNDS. 18.All complaints must be made to the people in charge. These rules will be enforced on & off the track: JUDGE'S DECISION WILL BE FIINAL
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2 months ago

I am a new member and I enjoyed reading the post and the tractor videos, and the horse pulls..thanks ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago


2 months ago

Anyone interested in a 1948 Farmall H for 600 bucks?
Motor is stuck.
I want to keep it but I don't Hav time to make it run and pretty again
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